Arabic food is healthy and delicious.  We offer not only excellent nutrition, our authentic exotic and subtle flavours make each meal a unique adventure.

Our menu includes numerous vegetarian, gluten free and low calorie options, all seasoned and spiced to bring out the best of the natural flavours of our ingredients. Our food is prepared with a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and olive oil. Our ingredients are low in fat, the source of good fats, high in vitamins and minerals, with an enticing range of proteins and dietary fibers.

All of our menu items are made fresh, in house, and daily. All of our halal meat is Manitoba-sourced to ensure we can offer you great tasting nutritious dishes.  We use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. We dry and grind our fresh spices in-house, to ensure the best flavours and freshest tastes and best quality. 

Nutrition Facts

Arabic food is very healthy, authentic and delicious in taste. With exotic flavors, it offers numerous vegetarian options, gluten free options and low calorie options. Food is cooked with a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and olive oil. Ingredients are low in fat, sources of good fats, high in vitamins and minerals and sources of protein and dietary fibers.

 All of Our Menu items are made fresh in house daily. To ensure a great tasting nutritional product all of our halal meat is Manitoba sourced.  We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Even the spices are dried and ground, in house, to ensure the best flavor and freshest taste. 



Yafa Café is a small shop with a lot of heart, dedicated to providing you with fresh, locally sourced products, supporting local businesses who supply the finest beaus to ensure every cup makes the grade.

Yafa is a local coffee shop.  We serve a luxurious range of lattes, hot chocolates, creamy blends of delicious drinks and truly indulgent treats.  We have a great selection of teas.  We receive much support from our community, which stems from the quality of our service, as well as the ethics and values that we hold.

Creating great coffee is an art that takes time and skill to perfect.  We provide a comfortable base for our community members where they have a sense of belonging. Yafa is a cozy, attractive, dependable place to meet with friends or to just settle in with a good book,  some great coffee and perhaps a snack.

And so through each amazing freshly roasted cup of coffee, Yafa Café connects and benefits the communities that grow and harvest our coffees, as well as our local community where the coffee is roasted and enjoyed.