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February 2021

Locavore diet, ingredients used at Yafa Cafe

People’s Hunger For The Locavore Diet

By Update

It might seem that we just invented a new diet that seems to suggest crazy (loca means crazy in Spanish) for meat. In fact, that’s not the meaning, nor have we coined this term ourselves. We first heard it from LawnStarter, America’s leading outdoor services provider.

What is The Locavore Diet

According to LawnStarter, locavores, which consists of food from local places like nearby gardens, farmers markets, and farm-to-table restaurants is in — again. That’s good news for small owned and operated restaurants like ours.

During the pandemic, it seems that Americans renewed their appetite for the “locavore” diet. We believe the trend has replicated in Canada. Much of our food is sourced locally, even as close as our garden for greens during the warmer months.

Locavore diet, ingredients used at Yafa CafeLocavore Trend

Before lockdowns, nearly three-quarters of Americans were already eating locally produced food. A recent surge in direct farm-to-consumer sales suggests the trend has continued to grow, reports LawnStarter.

They compared the 150 biggest U.S. cities across 14 key indicators of locavore-friendliness. They range from the prevalence of community-supported agriculture and farm-to-table restaurants to the sales of farm-to-consumer food per capita.

Placed like Santa Rosa and Ontario in California, Salem, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and Worcester, Massachusetts came out in the top 5, we unfortunately don’t have an indicator for Canadian cities. Either way, we don’t need a scale to provide that same experience to our customers.

Not surprisingly, the trend shows that agricultural dominant locations tend to be well placed to afford great menu for locavores. That’s good news for us given that we are one of the best provinces for agriculture. It’s certainly easier to eat local when much of the nation’s food supply is just down the road.

Local Supplier Offering at Yafa Cafe

Often regarded as one of the word’s healthiest cuisines, Arabic food combines the sophistication with exotic ingredients. At Yafa Cafe, we desire to spread the goodness of our grandmothers’ cooking: simple, healthy and tasty Arabic cuisine. Every day our chef wakes up before dawn to pick up the best ingredients from local produce suppliers. We seek out the freshest ingredients, local when available and handpicked whenever possible. Our coffee beans are sourced locally from a Headingley Roasters.

A large portion of our menu items are vegan. All meats are halal. Our recipes have been passed down through several generations. Though many of our recipes have remained unchanged for over the last 3 years since our inception, many have evolved through time and travel into a balance of traditional and contemporary cuisine. Our plates and pita wraps gained popularity from their love of our concept and food. The spirit of tradition runs deep at Yafa Cafe making our customers happy with fresh and healthy Arabic food.

Coffee beans with sweets at Yafa Cafe

Buy Local Movement in Winnipeg

During the pandemic, many businesses had to shut their doors. Despite all the government’s efforts to help out small business owners, for many it was difficult. While we managed to keep our doors open by largely modifying our service offerings, hours of operation and staffing, we owe much to grassroots movements that promoted local purchases. We’ve taken part in a few of them over the last 11 months not only to improve our stance, but that of our fellow local operators.

We want to thank the community from the bottom of our heart for all their continued support and we look forward to many more years together!

What are your thoughts about the locavore diet?


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