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May 2019

Mother's Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day at Yafa Café

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Each May we gather to celebrate the first woman in our lives — Mama! This Mother’s Day, we collected thoughts from our staff.

Mother’s Day Thoughts

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked Yafa Café’s staff to share a few words about why they are grateful for their mothers. Here are some answers:

Mother's Day

Cooking Genes

“… I get my cooking genes from her! She was always an amazing chef and educator. I loved how she cooked when I was a kid — my favourite is the salad Mom made every day. The key to this delicious salad is the freshness of the ingredients. It is rare to have a Palestinian meal without including a salad. The vibrant colours act as an electrifying addition to the main dish. My father always added hot peppery bites, which gave it an amazingly delicious taste. This salad is authentic, flavourful & super healthy.”

Always There For Me

Mom made me who I am in every sense of the word. She has always been there for me and understood me, encouraged and pushed me to be my best. She makes my heart smile. My mother, who’s from Iraq, is my role model. Caring, compassionate, supportive, patient, flexible, dependable, honest, hardworking, organized, creative, handy, appreciative, is who my mother was. This woman taught me so many life lessons and core values, which make me who I am today.”

Biggest Support

“She taught me I could do anything and supported all the crazy things I did in life as long as they were connected to a purpose.” Mom encouraged me to pursue the highest education. Mama knows me better than anyone else. Everything I learned from her I want to infuse in my children, the open heartedness, the acceptance, the self-worth, honesty and intelligence. Thank you, Mama.”

I Wish I Knew Better

“…As I grew older, I wish I had known better; I stopped making mistakes when my mother became my very best friend. She knows me inside and out and has taught me to be everything that I am proud of!”

The Bond Was Broken

Mother-daughter bond was broken early, as mom left me to take care of my five siblings, no custody battle. Seeing them so sad broke my heart, even though I was only 18. I wanted to make them happy again. Doing all the cleaning and cooking was my way of trying to cheer them up. Now I feel sad for the young girl who was me. I should have been studying, not worrying about raising my brothers and sisters.

There were good times before she left. She always made a fuss on our birthdays. Christmas was always wonderful. She would make a special game to find exactly the things we asked for. Almost four years later, I still bear the scars of my mother’s decision to leave her family for another man. The abandonment and rejection that shaped my life, but I love my mom and wish to send her a big HUG.”

With Love From Yafa

Yafa’s Cafe team is sending an “I Love You” to all the mother figures in your lives.

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