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Brunch buffet items at Yafa Cafe

Our Fabulous Weekend Brunch Buffet Has Arrived

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You can only wish you were in a warmer climate like Bethlehem, Beirut or Casablanca. Yafa Café’s new weekend brunch menu will transport you there. We may not have a magic carpet but our food is wonderful and we have put a lot of thought into our new brunch menu.

Weekend Brunch Standards

It is served on weekends until 3pm so you can still sleep in before coming in. The great food, the warm ambience and the good vibes in our café will bring you back weekend after weekend. We feature many of our team’s favourite dishes on the new menu. It is a wonderfully middle eastern medley of tastes ranging from Tunisian Shakshuka to Lebanese Batinjen. Of course, It is still the Arab street food you love but done brunch style instead. Each dish is freshly made using locally sourced fresh vegetables (whenever possible), halal meat and hand dried spices.

Brunch buffet items at Yafa CafeYou choose your brunch menu when you come in. We have added special menus for those who are vegan or don’t eat gluten. Pick a drink from the extensive menu. We recommend trying our coffee specialities and traditional Middle Eastern teas. For more fruity tastes, check out our juices flavoured with orange blossom. 

Traditionally Arabic Brunch

The “Traditionally Arabic” brunch is commonly eaten in many Arab countries. Creamy hummus, foul (fava beans flavoured with lemon juice and garlic, served with olive oil, chopped parsley, tomatoes and lemon juice), falafel and zaatar paired with hot bread straight out of the oven. Satisfying and filling, this much loved breakfast has stood the test of time and taste buds everywhere.

For some, brunch isn’t it without eggs. Shakshuka (slow-cooked sweet smokey tomato, red onion, pepper, garlic sauce, mixed with parsley, coriander and topped with an egg and herbs) is a traditional Tunisian dish that has been widely adopted throughout the Middle East. The Shakshuka is paired with a manakeesh (Mediterranean flatbread topped with zaatar, cheese or meat) and a dip for the pita bread. This brunch will surely keep you full for hours. 

Vegan & Gluten-free Options

Whether you are vegan or not, there’s lots to love about the Village Vegan Brunch. Age old Middle Eastern spice combinations bring out the rich flavours in the vegetable combinations in every dish. From Batinjen (eggplant stew) to Khodra (Lebanese vegetable casserole), our plant based brunch is the perfect marriage of dishes. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. 

If you don’t consume gluten, we have the Without Gluten Brunch choice that’s perfect fo you. Mini mix grill, falafels, vegetables, labneh (thick yogourt) dip are all part of this great deal. You can also opt for mini mix grill, mutabal dip, falafels if that suits you better.

Just Desserts

Add a freshly baked baklawa or basbousa to your brunch for just $2 extra. Babousa means “just one kiss” in Arabic. It is a traditional Middle Eastern cake that originated in Egypt. It’s made with semolina batter, sweetened with orange flower water and topped with an almond. Very sweet and tasty especially with tea!

Come on by and ask us about our new weekend brunch.

Family having Arabic food brunch at Yafa Cafe


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