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November giveaway winner

Instagram & Dine-in Giveaways

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If you ate out at Yafa Café this past November, December or both, you will have great memories of our delicious food and the welcoming atmosphere. You probably also entered the draws we held each month for a our delightful giveaway.

November giveaway winner


The Moroccan style jute bags were repurposed from the coffee sacks used for coffee beans. They were designed and sewn by a Syrian refugee. It is important to us to recycle as much as possible as it’s a way for us to be more environmentally friendly. Each bag is unique, sturdy and practical. 

The handmade totes were stuffed with Middle Eastern groceries and a $100 Yafa Café gift card tucked in the top. We filled them with goodies and groceries from Blady Middle Eastern Foods.  The specialty grocery store is just a few blocks away from us located at 1325 Portage Avenue. They stock a variety of groceries from Palestine, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. If you haven’t been, it’s worth a visit.

November dine-in giveaway winnerGoodies

 Zaatar is one of the main herbs we use at Yafa Café so we included some of it in the giveaway bags. It is a mix of herbs and spices typically containing thyme, oregano, sumac, sesame seeds, salt and other ingredients.  We added some sage which flavours so many of our Arabic teas. Sage from the Middle East is different from sage picked elsewhere. When used in teas, it has many medicinal properties. Fig jam, dates, Turkish delight with pistachios and halvah made from tahini paste rounded out the groceries. We also added pretty Arabian scarves and the $100 Yafa Café gift card to each bag.

Instagram and dine-in giveaways


To initiate the giveaways, we invited some Winnipeg foodies for a tasting. One set of giveaways was open to dine-in customers. Upon purchase, they were entered into a physical draw. We drew names weekly and announced winners in the café. The second and third giveaways were promoted on Instagram by Wai Chen @waieatthat and her team. She is a member of the Manitoba Food Bloggers group. Wai and her foodie bloggers came in one afternoon to try Yafa Café ‘s food. They were quite impressed and raved about how delicious it was.  

They were existing customers of Yafa Café but hosting a foodie event gave them the opportunity to experience new dishes.

Future Giveaways

The lucky winner will be able to treat their friends to a delicious dinner at Yafa Café with the $100 gift card and enjoy the goodies inside the bag as well as the bag itself! Of course, maybe whoever wins would rather treat themselves. We understand our food is irresistible. The gift card would stretch to a number of leisurely visits to savour any of our renowned coffee drinks paired with delectable pieces of freshly made baklava or basbousa. Our chai karak tea is pretty good too and our London Fog has been touted the best in the city! 

The good news is that we are going to be holding other giveaways in the months to come. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for future giveaways.

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